Sunday, March 2, 2008


Stephen in Proteus sits on the beach to really contemplate what is going on in his life right now. He remembers the better times (Paris), while also remembering the bad times (his childhood). As Stephen sits on the beach he thinks about heading off to visit his Aunt Sara before he has to go deliver Deasy's letter and meet Mulligan at The Ship. Stephen, being the somber character that he is, imagines the reaction that he would receive upon arriving at the house, and what his father would have said to him for visiting his aunt and uncle. He believes that his father would have mocked him for visiting their house.
One of the themes that is starting to develop with Stephen is that after the loss of his mother he really has nobody left. He does not necessarily have strong feelings towards his father, and what Stephen may be searching for throughout the novel is someone who will have confidence in him and push him to be able to become a successful artist. Stephen for the most part so far seems to be on the verge of depression. Nothing in his life makes him happy, he dislikes Buck for being very critical and attempting to take his lighthouse away. He has almost wasted two years in Paris because he was unable to break out as an artist. Stephen has also lost his mother and received much criticism for not praying by her side on her death bed. As Stephen reflects on the beach at this time, he seems to be in a rut, and what he needs his a father figure, or someone to really support him. Stephen, although a pretty literal and realistic person, seems to be very down on himself. Joyce ends this chapter describing Stephen by him wiping snot on a rock and checking to see if anyone is watching him. The reader is sympathetic and feels pity towards Stephen for all his misfortunes, and their is an obvious need of change if Stephen is ever going to be happy or be successful.

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