Friday, March 21, 2008

Different Perspectives on Death-Stephan and Bloom

Journal Entry:
As a reflection, In my experiences dealing with death, there is not really a set approach in dealing with it. In this book we see two characters- Stephan and Bloom dealing with death in two different ways. I see Bloom’s point and in retrospect I have thought the same thing, especially in light of a couple of cases in which funeral home owners were posing as caring people to help the loved ones of the dead person but in fact were in the money making aspect of the situation and decided to bury the bodies in a yard instead of expensive burial plots! So it I shard to focus on people as having integrity and thinking that these people are honoring and respecting the dead when in actuality they are thinking of the dollar they will make. It almost makes me sick to my stomach to be honest.
Stephan and Bloom are dealing with death in a sense but from two different perspectives. Stephan is trying to still mourn the death of his mother while Bloom has had a lot of time trying to figure out how to get over the death of his child and father. Who has the brighter vision? Was the question posed in class, I definitely feel that Bloom has the time and energy to take a step back and approach the situation from the outside in, but he still has the negativity towards the situation, so to take a guess I may have to say that Bloom has the brighter vision, only because he seems to be in a better shape than Stephan.
This situation makes me think: every time that I have went to a funeral I did think to myself, how people were going to react if it was me, or how this would change things if this was someone close to me, etc.. To be honest, it has given me nothing to look forward to because I cannot fathom how people deal with such losses. This is why I did not really enjoy this section of the book but could tolerate it.

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