Friday, February 29, 2008

feb 22 and feb 29 post thoughts

Journal Entries Weeks of feb 22 and feb 29

Random Thoughts
· In Ulysses I have observed some things that I did not know without reading this book. For instance, James Joyce presents the Irish people as very Religious. They seem to be dedicated to their religion of Catholicsm. I also was reminded of the war between the two religions of Protestantism and Catholicsm, it was not until Ms. Sells, reminded us of the history that it really clicked.
· Joyce seems upset that the Irish people have begun to adopt the English language and suggesting that Irish are not staying true to themselves by not speaking Irish.

· Lawd today (thoughts of the end)
· When I finished Lawd Today, I wondered why Jake;s death was sort of mysterious. I wanted to know more! I agree with the journal entry below in which Jake was a prime example of how things do not work out and the life is not fair.

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