Friday, February 1, 2008

Saturday opinion

First journal entry
I have thought that Saturday was entirely too detailed, I lost interest several times trying to make it to chapter 2. I am not a fan of knowing the intimate details of everything; quick precise points with little detail going straight to the point would have done just fine and would have better depicted the story. My favorite aspect of the book is the fact that Henry Perowne is personable. There is a part in the book where Daisy wants her father, Henry Perowne to read a non medical book and he struggled to do so. This reminds me of a relative of mine, who too is a doctor, I would recommend reading a new Rebecca Walker book such as Baby Love or an autobiography and I don’t believe he would touch the book, but instead read the inside cover and get all the summaries of the book.
I think it is very important for an author to add a relatable character to the story and McEwan did that, but for me as said before it was in a too wordy way. Henry Perowne‘s family, sometimes remind me of my own and encourage imagination about what similarities, my family and his family will possess. For instance, Henry and Rosalind have a son and a daughter- Theo and Daisy and I have a boyfriend and we have two children which happen to be a son and a daughter as well. Rosalind and Henry have a loving relationship in which Henry is still in love with his wife and is not tempted to step outside their marriage.
When Henry stated that it is the familiarity of his wife that keeps him quite content, my eyebrows rose. Usually, at least in our Western culture, women (a lot of time) who are in long term relationships fear that their husbands will become bored of them or in other words used to or too familiar with them, so it is very interesting to see that that is not a turn off for this educated English man. I wonder if it is just Henry who feels like this about his wife or if this is true of the English culture as a whole?

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Erin Sells said...

I would prefer you to focus your journal entries more on the text itself rather than on your opinions of it. While it is important to acknowledge and assess our feelings about a text, in this assignment I want you to hone in on the text itself, focusing on WHAT you're reading rather than your feelings and opinions about it. This entry has more to do with you and your life than it does with the novel in question. Next time, try to shift your focus back to the novel.