Monday, February 4, 2008

Mrs. Dalloway

I love the ending of Mrs. Dalloway. I like the type story that has an ending where someone life was improved or someone learned a very beneficial lesson. I feel that Peter has learned a very good lesson on the topic of love. Towards the end of the story Peter was at Mrs. Dalloway’s house (Clarissa) with a feeling of ecstasy or euphoria. I interpreted Peter’s feeling of happiness and excitement because he has experienced a love that has last over a lifetime. I am somewhat concerned of Daisy’s feelings, because I feel that Peter should have been open with his feelings about who he loves and has always loved. This is a common action throughout the story including in Clarissa’s own life.
Clarissa is clearly in the point of her life where she is overlooking the decisions made over time. Her curiosities in how her life would be with other lovers, such as Peter and Sally Seton, fit into a theme of secrecy. I believe that in relationships, especially spousal relationships, there needs to have honest communication, which is two parts, beings honest and the communication. I believe this is extremely difficult because being honest and communicating is not always something you would like to do or something you would like to hear because it is not always good things said or felt. However, at the end of the day it is giving your spouse or loved one the respect that they deserve to know the truth.
Lastly, Clarissa really shows that she has a mind when she follows her gut feelings about Dr. Bradshaw and feels happy that Septimus did not conform and is now free. I am sadden about Septimus’ death because in my mind it is not a peaceful to die, but I understand why Septimus felt like he had to do this.

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Erin Sells said...

Clarissa definitely does have a mind and a very strong-willed one at that. On the outside she may be a demure housewife buying flowers and giving elegant parties--but on the inside she's a suicide-promoting, conversion-hating, life-loving lesbian!

(Better post this time--keep steering the focus of your entries back to the novel though!)