Wednesday, February 20, 2008

wright post

I enjoyed Oh Lawd! There are several touchy subjects that this story touches. First of all the setting is in a sort of black civil rights movement, the author is not very optimistic about the war or his views on Communism. Richard Wright has a lot to say about politics. The fact that he speaks of communism versus a capitalism idea is good to me. I am not sure if communism had good intentions or the need for people to have control over the advancements of an entire population. I am clearly leading towards the idea that communism had more disadvantages than advantages. Capitalism is a much better idea, the fact that whatever you have in life, you work for it and earn it. I agree with Jake’s notion but ‘I am shocked to learn that he has such tremendous debt. I thought that he would have his life together for someone that has such a strong opinion.
To me this story addresses things that are still in the forefront today.For instance, the idea of capitalism or the idea of someone representing the nation on behalf of people who cannot work or canot earn a lot or the middle class and lower class. This is the dividing factor between people and who they choose in the presidential election. So it is interesting that this story was set in the late 20’s early 30’s, and it is addressing issues that we have in 2008.

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