Monday, April 7, 2008

Episode 13 Dicussion Questions

How does the way Joyce describes the setting, the characters, and the many mannerisms of the beginning of episode 13 closely relate it to the part of the Odyssey where Odysseus is shipwrecked on the isle of the Phaeanicians and his meeting with Nausicaa (the title of this episode)?

Characterize Bloom. Is he a complete and hopeless pervert, or is there more to his interpretation of romance and women than what sexual pleasures he can obtain from them? Why is Bloom married to a powerful seductress yet enjoys the attractiveness of other women as well?

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Adam Al-Sayed said...

Bloom, though he may not be a "complete and hopeless pervert," is definitely significantly lacking when it comes to moral decency. Ms. Sells can claim that he is just like any other man all she wants, but I personally do not think a great majority of men would ever be compelled to jerk off at the beach or in a public bath. His sexual appetites can definitely be considered deviant, as evidenced by his penchant for BDSM, which was revealed in episode fifteen, and his behavior throughout the novel can be similarly classified. The nature of the 24-hour novel does not (fortunately) allow its readers a full glimpse into the depths of Bloom's perversion, but I suspect public masturbation is an activity Bloom has enjoyed his entire life.