Monday, April 21, 2008

Joyce Imitation: Dilly

e4 e5

The city marshal playing some gaunt fellow in a scruffy gray jacket. Queen's Raid. Poor fellow hope they didn't put money on it. So complex, millions of possibilities, a labyrinth of a game. The masters can play multiple games simultaneously. Koltanowski played a 34-game blindfold simul. Wish I could. Move on.

Ah another another another. Wednesday follows Tuesday follows Monday follows- the milkman wants his due. Maggy blistering through her second pair of shoes. The magisterial witch of poverty rules her mastodonic kingdom. Thank goodness the pea soup from Sister Mary Patrick-

Father. Glimpse the trilobite. It's time for you... Give it up, father... Did you get any money? Hardly anything. Try again. No. Probably has enough for the Scotch house though. Today and tomorrow and the following and the following until he drowns his miserable- Dilly Dilly for shame he's your father. Move on.

Russia was it banned blindfold simuls. Too taxing on the brain and they caused dementia. Maybe it wasn't the game maybe it was the player. Genius and madness. Old pea soup and the daughters of Mother Ireland. Speak of-

Stephen! Forgot about the book. Shut it. Don't let see. Too late. Hurry through it. His eyes gray like mine. The fallen knight. Tell him we've pawned his books. Misery in his eyes. Why can't he come back. Move on. Your move.

The city marshal and the fellow still by the window. Ah he stopped the f7 mate. Good for him. Nimzo Indian defense, Alekhine defense, Queen's Gambit Declined, Modern, Caro-Kann, Sicilian, Two Knight's, French Scandinavian, Pirc...

The fellow's in a fix. Down two pieces and a few pawns. Must have given them up one by one to salvage the castling area. Sac the queen. Queen f5. Sac her! Come on. Or else he gets his rook to the d file and it's forced mate in three. See the unprotected file. Look at it! D for Dilly, decubitus duchess. All the descendants of Daedalus drowning in a dungeon dank. Save the queen and it's a sure loss. Sac the queen and it's a lengthy likely loss.


Marshal's slight smile. Turn away. Move on. No need to watch the mate. Queen sac was the only way I could see. No surrender. Sac the queen and forge through. The Irish defense.

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