Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wandering Rocks

How does the title of Episode 10 (Wandering Rocks) relate to the writing or events of the episode? Why do you think the Episode was given this name?

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Ruthie Sacks said...

In this episode, Joyce produces a variety of new characters and continually jumps from character to character. There is no real focus on one character in this episode and the reader gets to experience many different consciousnesses and events. The title of the chapter "Wandering Rocks" reflects the constant literary motion between characters because Joyce wanders through the minds of many different characters. This episode serves as a display for all the potential paths Joyce could have taken with his 24 hour novel. In the Odyssey, the wandering rocks were thought to move and not stay stationary; thus, they were unpredictable. Similarly, Joyce is taking the readers on a ride in which he is submerging them into the lives of different characters and the reader is oblivious to what Joyce intends to throw at the reader next.