Friday, April 25, 2008

Something that was mentioned in passing during class made me think….. Ulysses is generally considered one of the great epics of all time. This is what Joyce set out to accomplish. From the beginning of his decade long ordeal, Joyce wanted to create an epic novel that told the story of his Ireland. It was generally considered a success. What I wonder is whether this is common of the works that are considered “classics.” Did Melville intend for Moby Dick to become what is was or did the story develop somewhat on its own? How many authors set out with goals of leaving the masses in awe and how many write only for themselves? Given the overall tone in Ulysses, I would argue that Joyce set out with a bit of arrogance. He wanted to show everyone else what he knew and understood and what they never would. This is probably inherent to any “epic.” I just wonder how common that is in the rest of literary world.

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